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BRIEF July 10, 2019

Development Marketplace 2019: India

Upscaling evidence based health systems' response to violence against women and children in 11 public hospitals in Mumbai: Review of its implementation

World Bank Vice President for South Asia Hartwig Schafer presents 2019 Development Marketplace award to Sangeet Rege, India Photo: World Bank / Grant Ellis


Project Summary: 

The Dilaasa crisis intervention center is a health sector response model to violence against women and children that is being scaled up in 11 public hospitals in Mumbai, India. This scaling up provides a unique opportunity to be able to generate much-needed evidence.

The Development Marketplace Award will enable the researchers to understand the factors that influence scaling up an intervention and identify strategies needed for successful scale up. This will generate evidence that will contribute towards ensuring that successful interventions do not remain restricted to limited settings but can contribute towards increasing access of care and services to more women and children.

Project Team: 
Sangeeta Rege, Sanjida Arora, Padma Bhate Deosthali