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Role of Digital Adoption and Green Solutions in Ukraine’s Export Competitiveness


Country: Ukraine

Duration: 2021-2023

Themes: Strengthening the Business Enabling Environment, Expanding Access to Competitive and Contestable Markets, Promoting Technology Adoption to Raise Productivity, Supporting Entrepreneurship and SME Growth

Cross Cutting Themes: Climate, Digital

Anticipated Impact Areas: Quality Jobs, Private Investment, Productivity

The Challenge:

The European (EU) Green Deal’s shift to a green, resource efficient, circular economy will bring a fundamental transformation across a wide range of sectors and additional employment will be created. This transition is an opportunity to increase Ukrainian global competitiveness to support sustainable and high-quality employment by matching labor and skills demand. Understanding the specific issues that firms and industries in Ukraine are facing in technology adoption will be key to boosting productivity, adding value, increasing exports.

The Mission:

C-JET is funding the implementation of a grant by the World Bank in Ukraine to analyze and provide recommendations on regulatory and policy constraints that prevent higher rates of technology adoption by firms. The grant will also help identify market opportunities generated by the EU Green Deal for Ukrainian firms and improve readiness to reach new sustainable markets including identifying the main regulatory and investment climate instruments that will enable compliance with the EU Green Deal’s environmental regulations. Through these activities and more, this grant aims to contribute to technology adoption, green-enabling solutions, and export competitiveness of Ukrainian firms.