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Senegal: Jobs, Economic Transformation and Recovery


Country: Senegal

Duration: 2021-2023

Themes: Promoting Technology Adoption to Raise Productivity, Supporting Entrepreneurship and SME Growth

Cross Cutting Themes: Gender, Digital

Anticipated Impact Areas: Quality Jobs, Private Investment, Productivity

The Challenge:

In Senegal, a technological gap can be observed in sector specific businesses and micro-sized informal enterprises, with many firms relying on pre-digital technologies to perform general business functions.  Results from a Firm-level Adoption of Technology (FAT) survey delivered in Senegal suggests that technology adoption is positively associated with higher productivity and job growth. The impact of technology adoption on productivity and firm growth needs to be assessed to help identify which type of interventions that work best and what knowledge gaps need to be filled.

The Mission:

A C-JET funded grant is being implemented by the World Bank in Senegal to promote the use of technologies. This includes building a platform to provide technical assistance to firms using FAT data on technology adoption, building a diagnostic tool for firm level technology adoption assessment, conducting impact evaluation on an ongoing intervention, and providing training and consulting services towards capacity building. Through these activities and more, this grant aims to promote the use of technologies that both raise productivity and generate better jobs for more people, including for lower-income, lower-skilled workers.