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    The China-World Bank Group Partnership Facility (CWPF)

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The China-World Bank Group Partnership Facility

The China-World Bank Group Partnership Facility (CWPF) is a partnership between the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Finance and the World Bank Group that seeks to assist developing countries in achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth. The Facility focuses on results and supports World Bank Group projects. It also leverages China’s development experience in project preparation, and knowledge capture and sharing.

Since its establishment in July 2015, the CWPF has received $52.74 million to support World Bank Group projects. The CWPF is managed by the Trust Funds and Partner Relations unit the World Bank’s Development Finance Vice Presidency.

CWPF aims to enhance cooperation between China, developing countries, and the World Bank Group by leveraging financial and knowledge-based resources to support demand-driven activities. The Facility supports development initiatives aligned with developing countries' priorities and the World Bank Group, which are replicable.

The CWPF has four windows:

  1. Financing for Investment Projects and OperationsThis window finances activities the World Bank and IFC execute to prepare investment operations or public-private partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure sectors.
  2. Knowledge Development and South-South Learning. This window provides funding for activities implemented by the World Bank and IFC related to the generation, dissemination, and sharing of development knowledge at the country, regional and global levels, as well as South-South knowledge exchange.
  3. Human Resource Cooperation. This window provides funding for cooperation between the World Bank Group and the Government of China in human resource, including training and the secondment of Chinese officials to the World Bank Group. It also supports World Bank Group staff on external service assignments to Chinese institutions.
  4. Financing for Global and Regional Programs. This window supports innovative development activities for selected global and regional programs managed by the Bank or IFC, including support to the Global Infrastructure Facility.

The Facility's Steering Committee meets regularly to discuss the program’s objectives, design, and operation, agree upon the thematic and regional priorities for each proposal, and review the program’s implementation progress.

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2023

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  • China-World Bank Group Partnership Facility (CWPF) Progress Report (FY17-FY22)
    The progress report details key outputs and achievements of the CWPF since its inception and provides an update on the implementation of approved grants.