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VideoFebruary 26, 2022

Strengthening the Implementation of the World Bank's Disability Inclusion and Accountability Framework (Global Disability Summit 2022 Side Session)

At the first Global Disability Summit in 2018, the World Bank announced 10 commitments towards disability inclusive development, which included launching the Disability Inclusion and Accountability Framework (Disability Framework). Over the last few years, the World Bank has ramped up its efforts to more effectively address the risks of disability exclusion in its operations, including learning from other institutions.The World Bank updated the Disability Framework to include new examples of disability inclusive projects, as well as additional areas of focus, including data, fragility, conflict and violence (FCV), food security and agriculture, GovTech, and identification. The World Bank has also developed several resources to support the implementation of the Disability Framework, including a Technical Note on Accessibility and a self-paced course on collecting disability inclusive data on disability inclusion. In this event, we presented these resources and discussed the progress that the World Bank has made, due in part to the first Global Disability Summit and the commitments made there.