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VideoApril 26, 2021

Launching the Global Governance Program

The challenges of our times are daunting. COVID-19 remains rampant. Economies are getting smaller; people are becoming poorer. The SDGs will not be delivered. Fragility and conflict persist. Government is now larger and more indebted, at a time when confidence in government is falling. The pandemic and the associated recession have fed a catastrophe. This is not a time for band-aids and patch-ups. This is a time to reshape and reimagine the way society works, how collective decisions are made and how they are implemented. In short, the developing world will not recover from this catastrophe without breakthroughs in governance. The Governance Global Program (GGP) is core to the World Bank Group’s approach. The Program will be supported by two Umbrella Programs, for Governance & Institutions (G&I) and for Financial Management (FM).