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VideoMarch 10, 2020

China: Improving Sanitation for Better Life

China has made significant progress in increasing water supply and sanitation coverage over recent decades. However, significant rural-urban disparities remain. Lack of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in rural areas affects people’s health, welfare and living conditions, negatively impacts the rural environment, and can stall rural development and prosperity. Since 2014, the World Bank has been working with China’s Zhejiang Province to improve access to water supply and sanitation services for rural residents. The Zhejiang Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project has not only improved the quality of life for rural communities but also contributed to the introduction of the first provincial rural sewage standards in China. About 110,000 households with a total of one million people are expected to benefit from the project upon its completion by the end of 2020. The rural sewage management lessons from the project can also be replicated in other provinces in China.