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SlideshowMarch 19, 2019

Boosting Fisheries in Mozambique

Mozambique’s 2,700km coastline teems with rich marine life, supporting livelihoods for hundreds of remote coastal communities. Extensive oceanic and inland waters and 200 miles of Exclusive Economic Zone represent a vital job market and shelter abundant fish stocks, a major source of food and nutrition for the country’s population. Despite great potential, however, fisheries in Mozambique is an under-performing sector. Overfishing and destructive fishing techniques are leading to declining fish catches and a degraded ecosystem, while the rapid and uncontrolled expansion of artisanal fisheries is threatening the sustainability of this precious natural resource.To promote sustainable rural development and reduce poverty, the World Bank is supporting a program to align economic development with the sustainable management of marine resources. As part of Mozambique’s SWIOfish Program, Mais Peixe Sustentável provides matching grants to support artisanal fishermen and encourage micro, small and medium enterprises to sustainably expand fisheries and aquaculture value chains.