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VideoMarch 4, 2019

Niassa Elephant Defenders

Poachers have decimated the elephant population in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve, but Niassa’s rangers are determined to save them from extinction. In this FULL-LENGTH version of the film (includes Parts I-IV) rangers tell their story of what it takes to protect the elephants—from facing off with poachers armed with weapons of war, to witnessing poachers' increasingly violent tactics. What carries them through long, dangerous months covering vast amounts of terrain is courage, a belief in the service, encouragement from their family, a love for the animals, and a desire to protect the country’s resources and safeguard the wildlife for their children and grandchildren. Implemented by the Mozambique National Administration of Conservation Areas in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank-led and Global Environment Facility-funded Global Wildlife Program project in Niassa aims to upgrade ranger posts and staff accommodation, improve infrastructure, strengthen law enforcement through aerial monitoring, and invest in community-led conservation projects.