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Video June 28, 2018

Transparency Matters: The Unseen Impact of Non-Tariff Measures

The World Bank and UNCTAD joined forces to collect new Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) Data for many major economies, including the EU, US, China, and many more developing countries. Data on a total of 109 countries were collected by UNCTAD, the World Bank, and other partners. Much of this work was made possible thanks to support from the MultiDonor Trust Fund for Trade and Development and the Strategic Research Program. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ The launch event for the NTM database took place on June 28, 2018 and included the following presentations: 1. Ralf Peters (UNCTAD) talked about the data collection efforts and presented some stylized facts from the raw data. 2. Hiau Looi Kee (World Bank Development Research Group) talked about quantifying the trade impacts of these NTMs at the product bilateral countries level. 3. Siddhesh Kaushik (World Bank Development Data Group) demonstrated how to use these cleaned raw data to construct a series of indicators. 4. Finally, Daniel Reyes (World Bank Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Practice) presented a new book focusing on the reform of NTMs.