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VideoOctober 19, 2015

Strengthening the Partnership Between the World Bank and Latin America's Indigenous Peoples

In 2013, the World Bank reached out to Foro Indigena Abya Yala (FIAY) to initiate a dialogue. FIAY is a Latin American network of indigenous organizations, made up by four sub-regional networks (COICA, CICA, CIMA and CAOI) and two indigenous women’s networks (REMIB and ECMIA). The dialogue has evolved into a permanent platform for strategic engagement and consultation and has greatly contributed to building mutual understanding and partnership between the World Bank and Indigenous Peoples in the region. In two years, the dialogue has contributed to a much more explicit inclusion of Indigenous Peoples' vision and priorities in the policies and projects supported by the Bank with governments in the region. This video describes the vision and aspirations for this partnership from both the indigenous leaders' and the Bank's voices.