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Positive emotions during the fine arts lesson at Chance Center.
Over 750 micro-projects have been financed through the World Bank’s Social Investment Fund Project.

Set up 17 years ago, Chance center is a clinic, kindergarten, school and a vocational training center.

Staff at the center help children adapt to the challenges of adult life.

Chance Center provides rehabilitative services to more than 500 children a year.

The center was supported with $150,000 from the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund.

32 children are now visiting school under the inclusive education system.

Over 17,000 rehabilitation procedures annually is being provided by the center’s specialists.

22 people got job after improving their professional skills.


Photos: Helping Kids with Disabilities Towards Future Employment

December 3, 2012

In Ukraine, a center is helping about 500 children with special needs to build skills that will eventually help some of them find jobs.