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StatementOctober 14, 2022

Readout from World Bank Group President David Malpass’s Meeting with Amir Yaron, Governor of the Bank of Israel

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2022 — Today, World Bank Group President David Malpass met with Amir Yaron, Governor of the Bank of Israel.

President Malpass and Governor Yaron discussed the current state of the global economy and the challenges facing developing countries, including the food, energy and fertilizer crisis and unsustainable debt burdens. President Malpass highlighted the capital misallocation in global markets and the need for increased flow of funds to developing countries.

President Malpass, Governor Yaron and his colleagues discussed the World Bank's West Bank/Gaza trust fund and prospects of regional economic development, including stability of cross-border payments between Israel and Palestinians, digitalization efforts, and regional cooperation on energy and water issues. President Malpass also emphasized the importance of setting out a clear, comprehensive vision for development in the West Bank and Gaza that prioritizes convening partners in an effective manner.


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