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StatementSeptember 21, 2022

Readout from World Bank Group President David Malpass’s Meeting with President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador

NEW YORK, September 21 — Today, World Bank Group (WBG) President David Malpass met President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador.

President Malpass and President Lasso discussed Ecuador’s continuing economic recovery, while keeping inflation under control. President Malpass reinforced the WBG´s commitment to support Ecuador’s reform agenda with an emphasis on job creation, macroeconomic stability, increased investment, and strong social services.

President Malpass discussed with President Lasso the debt restructuring with China, which will help provide additional resources to the budget. President Malpass and President Lasso also discussed the importance of Ecuador’s health system and child nutrition, which are Government priorities with significant progress achieved, including using WBG financing operations.  


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