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Statement December 3, 2020

WB Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean Meets President of Honduras

WASHINGTON, December 3, 2020 - World Bank Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean Carlos Felipe Jaramillo met today with President Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras to discuss plans to address the damage and losses caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota, and to support rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in Honduras and the Central American region. The meeting took place over videoconference and included a delegation of the Government of Honduras visiting Washington, D.C.

“The World Bank is committed to supporting Honduras’ immediate recovery needs and laying the foundations for rebuilding better,” said Jaramillo. “We will work with partners to provide financial and technical assistance, as well as our global knowledge, to help Honduras achieve strong, inclusive growth for the benefit of all its people.”

The World Bank has already provided US$139 million to Honduras to support the country’s response to the emergency caused by COVID-19. In addition, during 2020, the Bank provided US$30 million to improve the quality of pre-school education services, US$45 million to improve water supply services in urban municipalities and US$70 million to improve water services in Honduras’ Dry Corridor.

The World Bank work program in Honduras includes eleven investment projects, totaling US$ 542.95 million in commitments which support critical sectors such as rural competitiveness, disaster risk management, social protection, water, food security and education.