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World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Remarks to the Media Following Visit to Zaatari Camp

March 27, 2016

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Zaatari, Jordan

As Prepared for Delivery

As the World Bank Group, we want also to express our deepest gratitude to King Abdallah, Queen Rania and all of the Jordanian people.

The generosity and tolerance that the Jordanian people are showing has been an example for the entire world. We understand their character by seeing just how generous they have been.

Under the Secretary General’s leadership, for the first time really in the history of these institutions, he has brought the entire multilateral system together.

So I am here, wearing his hat today because we are all working together as one team. The World Bank Group wants to be sure that after the crisis, and we hope it ends soon, and after people start moving back to Syria, that Jordan is better off than it was before.

This is why we are working on developing special economic zones and creating real capacity for economic growth and job creation. We want, as a world community, to show the Jordanians that their generosity is not forgotten and that the response is to build the kind of capacity here that for example can supply all the needs in Syria as they recover.

So we thank the Jordanians again and we ask them to hold all of us accountable, the United Nations system and the World Bank, everyone in the entire global community. Hold us accountable for building Jordan back better than it was before this crisis. I know we can do it and I think it is our duty to create hope and optimism, especially for the young people of Jordan.