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PRESS RELEASEMarch 11, 2024

Design Competition Brings Digital Solution in Tradition Weaving Winner Announced of the competition ‘From Pixel to Fabrics: Digital Design in Traditional Weaving’

From Pixel to Fabrics: Digital Design in Traditional Weaving

The winners of “From Pixel to Fabrics: Digital Design in Traditional Weaving” received awards from Her Majesty Gyalyum (Queen Mother) Sangay Choden Wangchuck.

RTA Bhutan / The World Bank

Thimphu, March 11, 2024 – The top 3 Winning teams of the competition titled “From Pixel to Fabrics: Digital Design in Traditional Weaving” received awards today from Her Majesty Gyalyum (Queen Mother) Sangay Choden Wangchuck. The competition was organized by the Royal Textile Academy, with the sponsorship from the World Bank Office in Bhutan.

The competition, held for the first time in Bhutan, invited digital designers and weavers from all around Bhutan to form 2-person teams and submit their digital designs, prototypes, and ideas on how to improve the working conditions of the weavers. The contest had more than 100 registered participants and over 30 submissions.

“Bhutan is known as a nation that has kept its cultural heritage alive over the years, and its intrinsic traditional textile designs are a testament of that,” said Adama Coulibaly, the World Bank Country Representative for Bhutan. “Incorporating digital technology to aid the design process will help the beautiful traditional weaving thrive further while empowering the weaver and reigniting the younger generation’s interest in traditional weaving.’  

The participating teams consisted of two members – one designer and one weaver. Each team was required to produce original digital designs in jpg format inspired by Bhutanese culture and traditions, and the designer collaborated with the weavers to develop a 35 cm × 35 cm prototype of the design in woven cloth. They also submitted a description on how they would be improving the sustainability and working conditions of the weavers.

The top 15 teams participating in this competition received certificates and each member of the top 3 teams were awarded with a laptop computer to facilitate with their digital designing aspirations. Each member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams also received Nu 150,000, Nu, 100,000 and Nu 50,000 each. The Champions have also received an opportunity to travel to the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC and showcase their creation along with other traditional textiles in an exclusive Bhutan Textile Exhibition.

“As a testament to the incredible talent and creativity within our community, this competition has surpassed all expectations, showcasing an astounding array of innovative designs and artistic hands that have truly captivated our hearts and minds,” said Mr. Ugyen Tenzin, Director of the Royal Textile Academy. “This competition will have a revolutionary impact in the history of Bhutanese hand-woven textile industry.”

The members of the top 3 teams were:

Champion: Mr. Wang Rana Gurung (Designer) and Ms. Tsheten Yangzom (Weaver).

1st Runner Up: Ms. Karma Choden (Designer) and Ms. Jamyang Choden (Weaver).

2nd Runner Up: Ms. Dhechen Chodron (Designer) and Ms. Karma Seldon (Weaver).

The competition was aimed at preserving Bhutanese cultural heritage in textile design with Digital Technology and improving weaving conditions as well as supporting women empowerment.


From the World Bank
Mehrin Ahmed Mahbub
From RTA
Mr. Neten Dorji


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