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PRESS RELEASEDecember 6, 2023

World Bank to support the Dominican Republic’s health care system

WASHINGTON, December 6, 2023 — The World Bank today approved a US$190 million project to strengthen the capacity to deliver quality health services in the Dominican Republic, particularly to benefit the poor and vulnerable populations, who rely more heavily on the public health system. It will also focus on improving maternal and neonatal care.

The project has two main tracks: helping public healthcare facilities meet the criteria to obtain their licensing and boosting the capacities of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS) to perform its stewardship function.

"The support of the World Bank through its technical experience, best practices and international standards, and the financing for prioritized structuring projects in our current 2030 National Strategic Health Plan, will be key to bringing quality health to all Dominican homes,” highlighted Dr. Daniel Rivera, Minister of Public Health.

The Program to Support the Strengthening of the National Health System will support public health facilities, mainly for primary care, to meet the infrastructure and equipment standards required to obtain their licensing, which can be a bottleneck in the capacity to provide quality public health services. At least 250 public health care facilities are expected to obtain their license through the project.

Special attention will be given to support the design and implementation of the maternal and neonatal care strategy (Unified Strategy for Quality of Maternal and Neonatal Care or CUNA for its Spanish acronym). Hospitals implementing this strategy are expected to increase their maternal and neonatal quality scores by 20 percent.

The Dominican Republic is investing in high quality health services to ensure everyone is afforded an opportunity to fully develop their human capital and potential,” said Alexandria Valerio, World Bank Representative for the Dominican Republic. “We will support these health investments to boost the future income of the country, increase the productivity of the next generations and help reduce poverty and inequality.”

To help MISPAS better carry out its stewardship function, the project will finance civil works and equipment for storage facilities and administrative offices; offer technical assistance to update or develop management and care models; and develop and strengthen the managerial, administrative, and technical skills for MISPAS staff.  The project also includes investments aimed at strengthening health information systems and digital health tools.

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