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PRESS RELEASEOctober 3, 2023

World Bank supports more efficient expenditure management and better services in Piaui’s public sector

WASHINGTON, DC, October 3, 2023 — On Tuesday, the World Bank's Board of Directors approved a project for the state of Piauí, in the Northeast region of Brazil, to increase the efficiency of public expenditure management and improve the quality of service provision.

Progestão Piauí: Projeto de Eficiência na Gestão do Setor Público [Efficiency in Public Sector Management] is a 5-year, $55-million project. Its goals include optimizing the payroll system to improve workforce management; expediting procurement processes; controlling excess expenses in public investment; and increasing the share of properties with fully regularized titles. The project is expected to provide 54,000 civil servants with access to more efficient and effective public financial management systems. Improvements in productivity and public sector transparency will also benefit individuals and businesses.

"We are implementing a number of actions to improve public financial management and raise the efficiency levels of our service delivery. We have made significant investments in the area of digital governance, so as to reduce bureaucracy, meet people’s demands more quickly, and cut costs for the State. With that in mind, the World Bank's support is very relevant," said Rafael Fonteles, Piauí state governor.

This is the fifth project under the Progestão Program. The World Bank previously approved Progestão projects in Alagoas, Mato Grosso, Acre, and Tocantins. The Progestão Program was structured jointly with Brazil’s National Treasury to help Brazilian states improve their fiscal sustainability in the long term, implement administrative reforms, improve asset management, and streamline public expenditures. The Program is open to all Brazilian states regardless of their fiscal situation.

"Following on the footsteps of other Brazilian states, Piauí decided to strengthen its key administrative functions and systems to ensure that public services be delivered more efficiently and sustainably," said Johannes Zutt, World Bank Director for Brazil. "Through Progestão projects, the World Bank is helping states strengthen and modernize their public sector by enhancing their capacity to overcome development challenges and provide a better future to their citizens."



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