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PRESS RELEASE February 1, 2019

Akihiko Nishio, New World Bank Vice President of Development Finance

WASHINGTON, February 1, 2019— The World Bank has appointed Akihiko Nishio as the new Vice President of Development Finance (DFi), effective February 1, 2019.

The DFi Vice Presidency is responsible for developing and managing policies and procedures for World Bank development financing. DFi engages in strategic resource mobilization, aligning the needs of recipients, the World Bank Group’s comparative advantages, and priorities of donors, through a variety of funding instruments.

In his new role, Nishio will oversee strategic mobilization of the Bank’s financial resources, including the International Development Association (IDA), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and a diverse trust fund portfolio. In 2019, Nishio will oversee the IDA19 replenishment, while managing the $75 billion made available through the IDA18 replenishment.

“I am honored to be joining the Development Finance Vice Presidency, a unit that plays an important connector role in helping the Bank secure and leverage the resources needed to provide support to the world’s poorest countries and support the well-being of billions of people around the world,” said Nishio.

Nishio has 30 years of experience in the Bank, combining managerial leadership, technical knowledge, operational experience, and a track record of collaboration with development partners.

A Japanese national from Yokohama, Nishio worked for the Japan International Cooperation Agency during the time it was known as the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund, before joining the World Bank.   He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, an undergraduate diploma from l’Université Catholique de l’Ouest (Angers, France), and a master’s degree in development from Cambridge University. 

He succeeds Axel van Trotsenburg, who has been appointed as the World Bank’s Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean Region.



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