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PRESS RELEASE May 14, 2018

World Bank Treasury hosted its first Workshop on “Assessing and Managing Risks from Contingent Liabilities”

World Bank Treasury contingent liability workshop group photo

The World Bank Treasury - Public Debt Management Advisory Group - organized its first workshop on “Assessing and Managing Risks from Contingent Liabilities” from April 30th to May 4th, 2018 in Vienna, Austria, as a response to increased interest in managing risks from contingent liabilities across debt management offices in member countries.

The workshop aimed to increase awareness about contingent liability risks that governments are exposed to and to sensitize risk managers to frameworks and tools in identifying, measuring, and managing these risks with a focus on sovereign credit guarantees and on-lending.

The intensive, five-day workshop, brought together 34 debt and risk management practitioners from 18 countries. Using presentations, case studies, and interactive exercises led by debt and risk management experts at the World Bank, the participants discussed various risk mitigation tools, including the structuring of guarantee agreements, limit setting, reporting and monitoring, as well as provisioning for financial losses.

Providing advisory and training services for managing contingent liabilities is an area of expertise of the World Bank Treasury Public Debt Management Advisory group. Through one-to-one missions, knowledge products, webinars, seminars and forums, and peer group dialogues, the advisory team is dedicated to building human capital among debt and risk management officers across the world.

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