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PRESS RELEASE October 25, 2017

Evaluating Zimbabwe’s Public Financial Management System Could Boost Long-Term Development

HARARE, October 25, 2017 – Today, the Government of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund (ZIMREF) launched the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) (2017/2018) assessment and evaluation method.

The 2018 PEFA assessment is designed to provide the government with an overview of key strengths and weakness of the Public Financial Management (PFM) system. The assessment will also give an update of progress in PFM and assist in identifying those parts of the PFM systems in need of further reform and development. It is designed to provide a snapshot of PFM performance at specific points in time using a methodology that can be replicated in successive assessments, giving a summary of changes over time.

The launch of PEFA is marked by training for the government officials, development partners and the PEFA assessment team. Data collection and assessment exercises culminating in the production of a Zimbabwe PEFA Assessment Report 2018 will follow the training.

“We are pleased to launch PEFA assessors training today, the assessment paves the way for improved public financial management enhancing accountability and transparency which will ensure the effective and efficient use of resources,” said Mr. Daniel Muchemwa, Accountant General, Zimbabwe.

As part of continuous improvement, the Government is implementing a ZIMREF project called the Public Financial Management Enhancement Project (PFMEP) which aims to improve financial reporting, internal controls, fiscal transparency and accountability in government finances in Zimbabwe.

“We are supporting the Government’s actions in developing a practical sequence of reform and capacity development actions through the assessment of the country’s public financial management system. The PEFA framework will determine the extent to which Government applies fiscal discipline, strategically allocates resources and ensures service delivery,” said Mr. Srinivas Gurazada, PEFA Assessment Team Leader and Senior Financial Management Specialist, World Bank.

The technical work of the assessment will be undertaken jointly by the government officials and the World Bank specialists. The results of the PEFA will contribute to more effective PFM implementation. 


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