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PRESS RELEASE June 30, 2017

Ukraine to Increase Transparency, Efficiency in Public Resource Management, with European Union and World Bank Support

KYIV, June 30, 2017 – Ukraine aims to improve management of its public resources, reduce corruption, and boost governance reform through the Strengthening Public Resource Management Project, which is jointly supported by the European Union and the World Bank. A EUR 3.03 million grant provided by the European Union will be implemented by the main beneficiaries – the Ministry of Finance and the National Agency of Civil Service – with the World Bank support.

To achieve greater transparency and efficiency in public resource management, the project will help the Government of Ukraine to automate the management of human resources and payroll information for up to 250,000 civil servants and employees of the state, while also enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Finance in managing public financial information.

The project is fully aligned with the priorities of the recently approved World Bank Group Country Partnership Framework for Ukraine that supports Government’s anti-corruption and governance reforms.

“The World Bank and the European Union, acting in partnership, fully support the strategy of the Government of Ukraine to strengthen the transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of government institutions and public resource management,” said Satu Kahkonen, World Bank Country Director for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. “We look forward to seeing that these important efforts lead also to reduced corruption and better governance, so that all citizens of Ukraine can fully benefit from efficient use of public resources.”

In partnership with the World Bank, the European Union will support two major integrated reforms adopted by the Government of Ukraine.

“First, the Public Administration Reform aims to build a transparent system of public administration, and create an efficient and professional civil service,” said Hugues Mingarelli, Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine. “The second reform aspires to strengthen Ukraine’s Public Financial Management System, so that public financial resources are allocated efficiently and public service delivery to citizens is vastly improved.”

Out of a total Trust Fund of EUR 5 million, EUR 3.03 million will finance activities implemented by the Government of Ukraine through the Ministry of Finance and the National Agency of Civil Service. The remaining amount of just under EUR 2 million will finance advisory services and analytical work by the World Bank. These Bank-executed activities will support the design and implementation of a human resource management information system, public sector accounting reform, revenue forecasting, tax policy capacity building, a strategy of information technology management in the public financial management sector, and analysis of public spending efficiency.

This support is provided through a Program of Partnership between the EU Directorate General (DG NEAR) and the World Bank, and is fully financed by the European Union.