Winners of World Bank Vietnam and VNPhoto Water and Sanitation Photo Contest Announced

October 14, 2015


For Clean Water Resources wins the grand prize in the sanitation category of the Water and Sanitation Photo Contest.

Hoang Minh Tran/World Bank

Over 250 submissions tell compelling stories of water use and conservation, environmental protection and sanitation practices in Vietnam

HANOI, October 14, 2015 – “Water and Life” and “For Clean Water Resources” are the grand prize winners of the Water and Sanitation Photo Contest 2015 co-organized by the World Bank in Vietnam and VNPhoto, an online forum for photography lovers.

The contest aims to raise awareness among rural and urban communities of using clean water, conserving water resources, good hygiene and sanitation practices, improving environmental sanitation and related issues. Sixteen out of 256 submissions have been selected to receive awards in two categories: water and sanitation.

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In the Water category, “Water and Life” depicts a woman scooping clean, clear water out of a small well into a basin.

“The photo shows the connection between clean water and life, while at the same time depicting the scarcity of water resources,” said Vinh Quang Nguyen, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist for the World Bank and a hobby photographer. “The strong colors, contrast, and composition of this photo attract viewers’ eye to this compelling subject."

”“For Clean Water Resources”, winner in the sanitation category, was praised by judges for its meaningful story and excellent technique.

“I fell in love with this photo at first sight,” said Chi Duc Nguyen, Administrator of VNPhoto Forum. “It urges people to think about environmental protection by capturing a great moment of these two janitors fishing garbage out of the river. I was very impressed by the color, the angle and composition.”

“I’ve seen tourists throwing garbage into Hoai River in Hoi An city without knowing that the following morning, janitors would have to work really hard to clean up the beautiful river,” said Hoang Minh Tran, photographer of “For Clean Water Resources”. “Through my photo, I would like to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of  protecting our environment. This is everyone’s mission.”

The panel of judges also selected second and third place winners in each category and special mentions for technical excellence and meaningful content.The panel of judges included Vinh Quang Nguyen, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist for the World Ban, and Duc Chi Nguyen and Anh Tran, Administrators of VNPhoto Forum.

In addition, a popular vote was held through the World Bank Vietnam Facebook Fan Page to determine People’s Choice Awards. The photo “Behind Industrialization” won both third place and the “most shared” photo on Facebook. It showed a person working on a dumping ground in Tra Vinh Province in southern Vietnam. “During the industrialization process, dumping grounds have been created together with factories, which can affect people’s lives,” said photographer Khanh Van Ngoc Duong. Receiving 570 likes, the photo entitled “In the need for clean water” submitted by Thuong Nhut Pham won the “most liked” photo award.

List of winners and finalists:


Grand Prize:

Water and Life – Huy Quoc Nguyen

Second Prize:

In Salt-marsh Land – Hai Thanh Nguyen

Clean Water Comes to the Village – Hoang Minh Tran

Third Prize:

Water Comes to a Remote Village – Thang Le

Fresh Water - Huy Quoc Nguyen


Grand Prize:

For Clean Water Resources – Hoang Minh Tran

Second Prize:

Keep the River Clean – Thuong Nhat Pham

Environmental Sanitation – Luan Nguyen Minh

Third Prize:

Behind Industrialization – Khanh Van Ngoc Duong

Dumping Garbage, Washing Hands – Thao Phuoc Tran

Special Mentions:

Children of Da Sa Village – Gatgu

Bathing – Phuong Ba Le

Small Actions, Huge Impacts – Thuan Thanh Bui

A Bucket of Fresh Water – Thao Phuoc Tran

The River Is No Longer Green – Hau Ngoc Pham

People’s Choice:

Behind Industrialization – Khanh Van Ngoc Duong

In the need for clean water - Thuong Nhut Pham

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