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Argentina/BM: New Strategic Partnership 2014-16

October 10, 2013


World Bank Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Hasan Tuluy, and Argentina’s Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Hernán Lorenzino.

  • Emphasis on growth with shared prosperity
  • Proposal will be presented to the Board of Directors
  • Health, rural development and infrastructure are top priorities

WASHINGTON, October 10, 2013.- Following a meeting this Thursday between Argentina’s Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Hernán Lorenzino, and World Bank Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Hasan Tuluy, it was announced that the preparatory work for the new Strategic Partnership is underway and will be presented to the Board of the multilateral organization. 

The new Strategic Partnership covers the program for the next three years (2014-16) and seeks to advance the Government of Argentina’s vision towards expanding public programs and policies that promote social inclusion for the poor.  

With lending volumes for investment projects similar to the ones of the previous strategic partnership, the program will prioritize investments to:

  • Improve access to public health and education for the poor, and
  • Infrastructure for rural development.

"Argentina has been insisting in different international forums about the need to gear financing towards social infrastructure and development. This strategic agreement with the World Bank strengthens our commitment to the sectors and regions that are more vulnerable in our country,” said Minister Lorenzino.

Many of the programs implemented under the previous strategy, such as Plan Nacer, became flagship models in the sector and are being used in several countries due to achievements in providing quality health coverage for the poor.  

“Argentina has made significant achievements in reducing poverty and promoting greater equity in the recent past. In the World Bank we will accompany government priorities and we will continue to support efforts to reduce poverty and create opportunities for all Argentines,” said Tuluy.

Currently, Argentina has a diversified program of 31 investment projects totaling US$6.2 billion, in areas of health, social protection, infrastructure, and environment.

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