WB/Brazil: Six Million Cariocas to Benefit from Improved Public Service Delivery

June 17, 2013

Project to improve public service delivery for population of the city of Rio de Janeiro

WASHINGTON, June 17th, 2013 –  More than six million residents of  Rio de Janeiro, (Cariocas) will benefit from the The Rio de Janeiro Strengthening Public Sector Management Technical Assistance Project, a US$16.2 million loan approved by the World Bank Board of Directors. The initiative will support an improved service delivery in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro 

“Since 2009, Rio de Janeiro has resumed economic growth and is experiencing renewed prosperity,” said Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Municipality. “This project will allow us to consolidate the reforms that have been carried out during these four years, aimed at achieving excellence in areas such as health, education and security.”

Twice the size of Uruguay, the city of Rio de Janeiro represents the second largest in population in Brazil. With a high US$108 billion gross domestic product, the city still suffers from high levels of social and economic inequality. But in the past decade, fiscal and administrative reforms have started to change this scenario. The Family Health Strategy has expanded access to care, new education programs in high risk areas have, the new Police Peacekeeping Units (UPPs), and the accompanying Social UPPs, have worked to integrate the poor and developed areas of the city. 

This new development phase has been recognized worldwide, particularly through the election of Rio de Janeiro as a host of major international events, such as the 2016 Olympic Games. The consolidation of economic and social improvements through strengthened service delivery is thus fundamental.

“This partnership will support the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro”s fiscal and public sector reforms, which are critical to sustaining the progress that the City has made in improving services for the poor,” said Deborah L. Wetzel, World Bank director for Brazil.

The project is promoting these changes through the following actions:

  • Improvement of the Medium Term Fiscal Framework, through better revenue estimation, accounting of fiscal risks and bottom-up costing.
  • Implementation of the first comprehensive Public Investment Management (PIM) system in Brazil.
  • Development of a municipal referral and counter-referral system for all health facilities.
  • Evaluation of the health reforms implemented in the District of Santa Cruz.
  • Support to the implementation of a Teacher Training Program, focused on improving teaching skills and generating data for rigorous impact evaluation.
  • Development of a strategy to improve the operation of social UPPs and evaluate its social and economic impact in the communities.
  • Implementation of Rio de Janeiro’s Climate Data Bank and monitoring system.

This loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, is guaranteed by the Federative Republic of Brazil and has a final maturity of 20 years, with a 4 year grace period.

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