India: World Bank finances now in your pocket

May 21, 2013

New Delhi, May 21, 2013 – Where are the World Bank projects located around the globe? Who are the beneficiaries? What are the details of the contracts being given out for these projects? All these and more are now available on your android, iPhone or iPad devices and can be freely downloaded from the World Bank Finances (WBF) open data website – .

 As part of its rapidly expanding Open Data initiativethe World Bank has now launched a free App that provides all of World Bank’s own financial information in a social, interactive and visually compelling format.

 The App provides an up-to-date financial snapshot of the World Bank’s activities around the globe and in the community. You can now navigate seamlessly through maps and list views to explore the details of a country’s donor and/or beneficiary portfolios – including financial instruments, World Bank’s contracts/procurement in that country, and project information and locations.

Fully integrated connections to social media networks (Facebook and Twitter), e-mail, and SMS allow for easy sharing; it has never been simpler to start and follow conversations about development money. The App provides useful insight and answers to questions about the World Bank’s work, both on and offline.

The data covers portions of the Bank's investments, assets it manages on behalf of global funds, and the Bank's own financial statements. All the data on the website is available to everybody to share with others.

Key features of the App:
- Offered in several languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and now in Hindi)
- “Nearby” (GPS enabled to display development projects around you – zoom in for more specific location info)
- “Connect” (Share, start, and follow conversations through social media networks, email, and SMS)
- “Follow” (Receive updates on countries, projects, and financial instruments of interest)
- “Feedback” (Provide feedback on data accuracy and potential fraud/corruption)

 Your feedback is welcome. Tweet #WBFinances or with suggestions, questions, and concerns.


 About World Bank’s Open Data Initiative

Over the past three years, the World Bank Group has been actively working to make its operations and research more open, transparent and accountable. The World Bank’s rapidly expanding Open Data initiative has been unlocking the institution’s world-class knowledge and development data for researchers, activists, students and development practitioners across the globe which had previously only been available to paying subscribers.

 The Open Data website now provides free access to more than 8,000 indicators. These indicators contain information ranging from GDP data to statistics such as the ratio of women versus men attending secondary school in a given country. Providing free and easier access to the databases has had an immediate and lasting impact on data use.

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