Social exclusion and economic marginalization in Poland: an informal consultation with the World Bank

October 9, 2012

Wykluczenie społeczne i marginalizacja społeczna w Polsce -nieformalne konsultacje w Banku Światowym

The World Bank is commencing work/research in scope of social exclusion in Poland, in order to gain a better understanding of persons who are at risk of economic and social marginalization in Poland, as well as to analyze the reasons  behind this phenomenon. Moreover, we would like to identify such actions/interventions as have been proven effective in Poland; we would also like to know the reasons behind their success.

In order to get an in-depth view of social and economic exclusion in Poland, to get to know important issues and problems in that respect, and also in order to help determine the scope of our research, we would like to invite representatives of NGOs, government, academic community, as well as research centers for:  


October 9 (Tuesday), at 14:00
at the World Bank office in Warsaw, Emilii Plater 53 (9th floor)

The objective of the meeting is an informal discussion that would enable identification of key problems, trends and areas hereto unidentified/not researched (knowledge gaps).

Potential topics we would like to discuss and questions we would like to seek answers to, would include following issues:

  • Which groups are particularly at risk of social exclusion;
  • What are the permanent barriers to social inclusion;
  • Do certain groups exclude themselves from the market because they believe they would be discriminated there;
  • If certain groups become more excluded or more included with time, what causes the changes;
  • What systems, legal regulations or interventions were put in place in order to promote inclusion? How effective are they? What seems to work well?

We would greatly appreciate your participation and contribution to the discussion. We will be honored and it will be a pleasure to have you at our office.

Please confirm your participation by email sent to: or

We are counting on your assistance and cooperation in this exceptionally important area.

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