Citizens to monitor World Bank programs in Bangladesh

February 8, 2012

February 08, 2012, DHAKA: The World Bank is involving citizens to independently monitor implementation of World Bank supported projects in Bangladesh. Third party monitoring will ensure feedback on progress from project beneficiaries, including vulnerable and disadvantaged people.  Third party monitoring will be piloted in seven World Bank financed projects covering all strategic objectives of the World Bank’s Country Assistance Strategy for Bangladesh.

The World Bank, in partnership with Manusher Jonno Foundation and the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA), South Asia, today organized the launching workshop of Third Party Monitoring of the World Bank’s Country Assistance Strategy for Bangladesh (2011 -2014).

Project beneficiaries are the best judges of development results. Increasingly, we will be turning to grassroots populations in villages to help us track progress and provide real time advice to improve implementation.” said Ms. Ellen Goldstein, Country Director, World Bank BangladeshFrom initial piloting, we expect to expand the initiative and bring more than 25 projects under the radar of citizens’ monitoring.”

The World Bank has asked the Manusher Jonno Foundation to conduct an independent assessment of progress in achieving the results identified in the World Bank’s ongoing Country Assistance Strategy for Bangladesh.  The Foundation will reach out to its extensive network of partners in civil society to ensure that citizens who benefit from World Bank financed operations participate in assessing progress towards results.

Our Government has made a commitment to bring services to the doorsteps of the people” said the Honorable Minister for Local Governance Rural Development and Cooperatives, Mr. Syed Ashraful Islam, who was Chief Guest at the launch event.  “Through this initiative, our citizens will have a greater voice in ensuring the best use of public resources, and will hold local governments accountable for results”.

Third Party Monitoring will primarily focus on assessing progress towards the results identified in the Country Assistance Strategy framework of World Bank. It will provide first-hand information to achieve better development results.  Citizens will monitor the delivery and quality of services, and look for any anomalies in service provision.  Accountability tools such as community score cards, public hearings, focus group discussions and social audits will be used.

To ensure that civil society organizations are adequately equipped to undertake this initiative, the World Bank, the Manusher Jonno Foundation and ANSA have started a two-day training course for prospective participants, and will continue training throughout the initiative.

World Bank pilot projects under this initiative include the Rural Transport Improvement Project, Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development Project, Emergency Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project, Local Governance Support Project, Bangladesh Water Supply and Sanitation Project, National Agriculture Technology Project and Public Procurement Reform Project.


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