Joint Declaration of Development and Integration Partners in Albania

January 28, 2011

We have been following with deep sorrow and growing concern the recent tragic events in Tirana and the increase in political tension in the country.

We need to remind ourselves of the remarkable progress Albania has made over the past decade. Impressive economic growth has propelled the country to an upper middle income economy, also showing resilience to the recent global financial crisis. The efforts of consecutive governments have succeeded in dramatically reducing poverty and building democratic institutions, which are critical for business and sustainable socioeconomic development.

As long term partners of Albania, supporting the country’s development efforts and its path towards European integration, we would like to express our serious concern of the negative impact the continued tension might have upon Albania’s current achievements, business environment, and future sustainable economic and human development.

For all Albanians, a large and exciting agenda lies ahead. Sources of growth need to be harnessed  to keep the economy competitive in an increasingly complex and demanding world; make the country more attractive for foreign investment, open new opportunities for local employment; and increase the wellbeing of all citizens.

We, as Development and Integration Partners, are committed to helping Albania move ahead with this challenging agenda. We appeal to all our counterparts, political leaders and citizens of Albania - to work together towards a better future for their country.

Development Cooperation Office in Tirana - Embassy of Italy
Embassy of France in Tirana
Embassy of Germany in Tirana
Embassy of Hungary in Tirana
Embassy of the Royal Netherlands in Tirana
Embassy of Sweden in Tirana
International Office of Migration in Tirana
Japan International Cooperation Agency in Tirana
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina
Swiss Cooperation Office in Tirana
The World Bank Office in Tirana
United Nations Development Programme Office in Tirana
World Health Organization Office in Tirana