Development Partners Support Reform and Action against Impunity

December 9, 2010

Nairobi, November 29, 2010—The third Development Partnership Forum, held in Nairobi on 29 November 2010, provided an opportunity for the Government of Kenya and its Development Partners in the Donor Coordination Group (DCG) to discuss political and policy issues relating to Kenya’s development.


The agenda focused on the implementation of the Constitution and the progress on 12 commitments for enhancing development agreed at the Development Partnership Forum in May 2010.

The meeting was conducted in an open, constructive and frank atmosphere. The meeting took place at a time of high popular expectations for change. The World Bank and Sweden, as co-chairs of the DCG, made statements on the implementation of the Constitution and the future cooperation between the Government and its Development Partners.


“This forum is taking place at a critical time in Kenya’s history. Implementation of the new Constitution provides an important opportunity for Kenya to reform, to enhance accountability and to expand the space for development,” said Mr. Johannes Zutt, World Bank Country Director for Kenya.


In the discussion, the importance of seizing the momentum for reform was stressed, as well as the need to end impunity for corruption and violence.


“Effective and democratic leadership is required and brave decisions are needed to create change to the benefit of all Kenyans. The necessity of effective measures to combat corruption and end impunity is obvious,” underlined H.E. Mrs. Ann Dismorr, Ambassador of Sweden to Kenya.

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