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Dhaka Metropolitan needs large scale capital investment

April 29, 2010

DHAKA, April 29, 2010: With already over 12 million population, Dhaka is eighth largest city in the world and projected to become the third largest city by 2020 with over 20 million population. If the urban congestion and daily traffic in Dhaka is not tackled through proper planning then the both quality of life and economic prosperity will be hampered.

A Roundtable was held today to discuss the international best practices of the institutional and financial issues for urban transport. The World Bank funded Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) project facilitated the roundtable that was joined the more than 30 Government officials.
The World Bank is supporting the Government of Bangladesh in its efforts to improve the urban transport in Dhaka. The CASE project in confirmation with Government’s Strategic Transport Plan for Dhaka would prepare transformative investment for urban transport in Dhaka including Bus Rapid Transport as a predecessor to other large mass transit projects.

The speakers stressed on setting up adequate institutional and regulatory framework as prerequisite for any successful Mass Transit projects. The Government has already decided revise the DTCB Act 2001.

‘Tackling urban congestion issues is regarded as priority in our next Country Assistance Strategy. We are pleased support the Government by sharing knowledge on good practices in urban transport institutional and financial issues for metropolises.’ said Zafrul Islam, Acting Country Director, World Bank Bangladesh “We are hopeful that these experience of Vancouver, New York, London and Paris and Lagos (Nigeria) would be helpful to plan Urban Transport System in Dhaka.”

The World Bank presented experiences from large metropolitan that present good examples of urban transport organization in the roundtable with the Government Stakeholders. The experiences drawn from other busy metropolitan cities demonstrated the importance of having a legally empowered urban transport authority that represents the various stakeholders with regulatory power, financial power.

The CASE project will introduce low cost measures to reduce conflict between motorized and non-motorized transport, reduce congestion and provide safer and cleaner mobility for pedestrian in pilot areas in Dhaka.

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