Moldova: World Bank Statement with Reference to the Press Conferences Organized on April 27 and 28 by Mr. Igor Caldare

April 28, 2010

The World Bank would like to set the record straight about the issue referred to in a press conference hosted on April 27 by Mr. Igor Caldare, former head of the National Institute for Standardization and Metrology.

The World Bank supports Moldova’s development efforts to increase the quality of life for Moldova’s citizens through improvements in the country’s business environment. An example of this is the Competitiveness Enhancement Project, which finances the modernization of metrology, standards, testing and quality (MSTQ) systems and facilitates access to MSTQ services for Moldovan enterprises.

The Competitiveness Enhancement Project was approved by the World Bank Board of Directors in October 2005. Since then the project has assisted over 130 Moldovan companies implement international quality standards, which has led to increases in sales and product quality. It has fully equipped five national metrology laboratories, with another three to be completed within the next year.

Three independent audits and regular supervisions of activities in the framework of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project have revealed compliance with World Bank procurement and financial management guidelines on the side of the implementer.

The World Bank attaches paramount importance to issues of transparency and accountability in its operations. Institutional policies require that all beneficiaries of Bank funds, as well as bidders, suppliers, contractors and consultants under Bank-financed projects observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of contracts. To ensure integrity in its operations the Bank has set up an anti-corruption hotline which is publicly accessible via the World Bank website.

The World Bank is looking forward to continue its successful collaboration with the Government of Moldova in implementing this important project aimed to assist Moldova’s adoption of international quality standards and metrology services. Such improvements are critical to facilitating the competitiveness and access of Moldovan goods on foreign markets.

Chişinău, April 28, 2010

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