Twenty five projects awarded the Vietnam Innovation Day 2009

December 10, 2008

Twenty five projects have been announced winners of the Vietnam Innovation Day 2009 themed “More accountability and transparency, less corruption”.

The winners will receive a maximum of USD$ 15,000 each to implement their creative ideas, as part of the total amount of awards of more than 330,000 USD.

The Vietnam Innovation Day 2009 has attracted 152 entries from around the country.

The huge turnout shows that the public has been paying more attention to the transparency and accountability of public services and the work of the authorities.

The jurors have worked hard to select 25 most creative, feasible and sustainable projects that contribute to improving to the theme of the program to provide the awards.

The winning projects introduced various creative and feasible solutions, from making radio programs in ethnic languages on legal information, to making artistic performances, organizing writing and drawing contests, communications activities to increase the youth’s awareness, as well as improving public services in hospitals.

The Jurors represent various government agencies, NGOs, civil and mass organizations, the donors community and the media.

They assess the projects on various criteria, including contributions to improving transparency and accountability, reducing corruption, creativity, feasibility, sustainability, and the community’s ownership and participation.

At the same time, the Knowledge Exchange Forum has seen various practical experiences and information shared on anti-corruption, as well as how to increase people’s participation in the supervision of public services.

The Program this year received financial support from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid), the Embassy of Canada, the Embassy of Denmark, the UK Department for International Development, the Embassy of Finland, The Switzerland Development Cooperation Agency.

Since the introduction in Vietnam in 2003, the Program has received increasing support from participants, partners and donors.

More than 1400 entries have been sent in over the years, indicating a strong creativity from the local communities for development.

The Program has provided support to over 200 projects with total funding of up to 2 million USD.

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