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Shortlisted Projects for Vietnam Innovation Day 2007 - Traffic Safety

May 23, 2007

1 Safety of North-South railway, line across the area of Phu Nhuan District Volunteer Program P5, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District, HCM city
2 Organizing mobile troupe to propagate traffic safety in Ha Tinh Province Blind Association in Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh Province
3 To improve awareness, change behavior of primary schoolers, who take part in traffic circulation, through education activities Primary Education Department, Education and Training Office of Vinh Long
4 Opening a propagada to improve people's awareness of traffic safety through classical drama (folk songs, traditional operetta) Art and Literature Club, Hoai Duc district, Ha Tay Province
5 Software which imitates black-spot and dangerous traffic situations. Virtual Reality Experiment Department, Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
6 To educate, improve community's awareness and overcome consequences of traffic accidents through judgement of court. People's Court of Cai Lay district, Tien Giang Province
7 Organizing schoolers of Ben Tre town to go to school by bus. Teacher branch of Secondary School of Ben Tre Town.
8 Project to design "Online Game on traffic safety" Group of FPT's IT experts and some IT teachers, officers of Public Health University
9 Creation, Arrangement, Performance (at Hoang Van Thu Primary School) Hoang Van Thu Primary School, Da Nang City
10 Reasearch and produce support means for the blinds to travel by bus. Thian An Association
11 Traffic Safety Bank - AT Bank. Creative Culture Coral Island Lmt. Company.
12 A Traffic Safety Civil Dinh Tien Hoang Secondary School
13 To propagate traffic safety at Higher Schools and Universities. Student Social Work Team-Hanoi Polytechnic
14 To equip children with knowledge and skills in order to prevent from traffic accidents in Hochiminh City. Children Sponsor Association of Hochiminh city
15 To improve awareness of traffic safety for Mong people in Lao Cai. Research and Development of Population, Society and Environment Center.
16 Epidemiology map of traffic accidents in Vietnam Profession Health Subject, Hanoi Medical University
17 To propagate traffic safety in passenger train. Department of Railway Transport Safety, Hanoi RailwayTransport Safety Company
18 To encourage the illiterate to join the motorbike driving license test and encourage people to take part in labor union of water and land district trade-union Management Committee of Labour Union of Water and land Thanh Tri district, Soc Trance Province
19 Traffic Safety Family - To provide kindergarteners, primary schoolers as well as family with knowledge of traffic safety and first-aid at accidents. International Volunteer Organization SJ Vietnam and local collaborators.
20 Community Education Centers with Traffic Safety in Highway 6 Irregular Education UNESCO Center -UCNEV
21 Establishment of Vietnam Traffic Safety Handbook Green IT group, ITIMS Institute, Hanoi Polytechnic University
22 Game show "Green Road" Nguyen Gia Trung - Freelance
23 Establishment of Saving Fund to encourage traffic safety Thai Nguyên Farmers Association
24 Increase the youth's awareness for traffic safety through stage forum Ms.Ðang Minh Thu, Mr. Phi Manh Ðoan: members of Hanoi Stage Team
25 Exhibition of traffic safety photos A group of 8 people: Doctors, IT experts, reporters, teachers and officers have been working in Son La province
26 Dissemination of traffic regulations to mountainous minority people Center of Community study and training, in cooperation with Ha Nam Province's Red cross Association
27 Intergration of first-aid training into driving training courses Research & Training Center for Community Development and Ha Nam Red Cross Association
28 First-aid team and traffic accident hot line 24/7 at new & industrialized zones, Que Vo, Bac Ninh Center of Policy study and Trauma Prevention Center, Public Health Univeristy
29 Design of education software for children on traffic safety Center for Strategy Study and Pre-school Program Development
30 No-motor Day Action for Urban Development Center
31 Establishment of pilot model "Prevention of alcohol abusment in school" Institute of Strategy and Health Policies
32 Increase the children’s traffic awareness and prevention for children and comunity through the development children’s participation. Research center for children rights - Vietnamese Federation of Science and Technology
33 Propagation to increase the awareness of traffic safety for high school students in Hanoi : My message GreenZoom, a team of young people from many universities in Hanoi and work in fields of IT, press, etc
34 Helmet - Change behaviour of youth while involving in road traffic Center for Social Development Program Support
35 Game Software: 101 situations of traffic safety for pre-school children Center for study, education consulting and social matters
36 Model of multy-function traffic safety class room Phan Chu Trinh High School
37 Traffic safety education at Community education Center Education and Training Center, Study Encouragement Society.
38 Reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic environment at poor hamlets of distant areas, with the participation of communication. Leader Board of Bai hamlet, Ha Dong town, Ha Tay province
39 Situation games under topic "Traffic Safety" for kindergarteners. Hoang Thi Nho: teacher of Pre-school education subject, Hanoi Pedagogy University; Mrs. To Mai Phuong, Dong Da Education Department
40 Way to school Group of young mothers
41 People to learn, practice and propagate traffic safety Friendship program network
42 Community traffic safety cultivated garden. Youth Association of Cat Hai district
43 To buil traffic communication network www.manggiaothong.info and illustrate traffic law by flash Group of patients with haemophilia
44 Traffic safety for workers on the streets. Employment Advisory Office, Labor Federation of Dong Da district.
45 Traffic safety based on community Social Sciences and Community Research Center, An Giang University.
46 Model of Traffic Safety Family Club Culture and Ideology Board, Hue Province's Youth Committee
47 Improving awareness of road traffic law in order to prevent the ethnic minority Van Kieu from traffic accident. Action for Community Group
48 Training teachers of 24 kindergartens and primary schools of Dong Da district to first aid chidren's injuries, 2007-2008 Executive Board of Youth Union, Central Paediatrics Hospital
49 Mobilize to take the disable problems into traffic safety. MHD group