WB Clarifies Report on the CARP

September 2, 2010

World Bank Office Manila

MANILA, SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 — The World Bank would like to clarify its key findings on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), as discussed in its Technical Working Paper, “Land Reform, Rural Development, and Poverty in the Philippines: Revisiting the Agenda.”  Another World Bank report, “Philippines Fostering More Inclusive Growth,” which summarizes the findings of relevant technical working papers, was cited in recent news but many of these stories did not accurately reflect the views of the World Bank towards land reform.

Based on the analysis of the Technical Working Paper, CARP had a positive impact on poverty and growth.  The impact, however, could have been better and faster.  The report includes some recommendations that would contribute to make the CARP more effective in reducing poverty, while at the same time allowing the business climate in the agriculture sector to improve and broaden the opportunities for the more efficient and dynamic small farmers. 

These recommendations include giving better targeted support services to CARP beneficiaries, accelerating awarding of individual land titles, promoting negotiated redistribution and supporting flexible and faster approaches to transferring land to maintain agricultural productivity in appropriate areas.