India – West Bengal Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats Project

June 8, 2010

IDA Credit: US$200 million equivalent

Terms: Maturity = 35 years; Grace = 10 years

Project ID: P105990

Project Description: The objective of the project is to develop institutionally strengthened good practices. The project will support an annual, performance-based block grant to the 1000 GPs participating in the project for expenditure on local public goods and services. The funding will also strengthen Panchayat Raj Institutions systems for monitoring of PRIs through the following four activities: 1) annual performance assessments (PAS) and quality assurance audits; 2) improvement of internal monitoring and information and reporting systems; 3) evaluations and studies of the program; and 4) external audit support that will assist the Examiner of Local Accounts to streamline and enhance its procedures related to timely certification auditing of GPs in the state.

Media Contacts
Karina Maria Manasseh
Tel : (202) 473-1729