Grenada – Economic and Social Development Policy Operation

June 8, 2010

IBRD Loan: US$4.5 million
Terms: Maturity = 30 years; Grace = 5 years
IDA Credit: US$3.5 million equivalent
Terms: Maturity = 35 years; Grace = 10 years
Project ID: P117000
Project Description: The objective of the funding is to: a) improve public sector governance and economic management, by supporting reforms to increase the efficiency of tax collection, improve public service delivery, enhance debt management, reduce waste in the provision of public services, and help cope with the adverse consequences of the global economic downturn. The funding will also help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of social safety nets, by supporting efforts to develop objective beneficiary selection criteria and transparent targeting mechanisms and prioritize social spending to vulnerable groups.

Media Contacts
Alejandro Cedeno
Tel : (202) 473-3477