Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda: East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project

May 26, 2010

Kenya IDA Credit: US$23.5 million

Tanzania IDA Credit: US$15.05 million

Uganda IDA Credit: US$10.1 million

Terms: Maturity = 40 years; Grace = 10 years (all three above)

Rwanda IDA Grant: US$15.01 million

Project ID: P111556

Project Description: This project will establish a network of efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories for the diagnosis and surveillance of TB and other communicable diseases. To this end, the project will: strengthen capacity to diagnose communicable diseases of public health importance and share information to mount an effective regional response; support joint training and capacity building to expand the pool of qualified laboratory technicians; and fund joint operational research and promote knowledge sharing to enhance the evidence base for these investments and support regional coordination and program management. 

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