Brazil: AIDS-SUS Project

May 18, 2010

IBRD Loan: US$67 million equivalent

Terms: Maturity = 30 years; Grace = 5 years

Project ID: P113540


Project Description: The project will increase prevention, care and treatment services for groups most at risk of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the country, and support the Government’s efforts to improve health program performance through improved governance, decentralization and results-based management. The Government has invested heavily in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other STDs, targeting groups most at risk, and offering antiretroviral treatment – free of charge – to all identified patients who qualify for it. However, Brazil is witnessing changes in the epidemic’s profile and is seeking to fine tune its policy. In recent years, the epidemic has been spreading to women, poorer groups, and towards the interior of the country.

Media Contacts
Stevan Jackson
Tel : (202) 458-5054