Benin: Health System Performance Project

May 6, 2010

IDA Grant: US$22.8 million equivalent

Project ID: P113202

Project Description: The development objective for this project is to increase the coverage of quality maternal and neonatal services in the target districts. There are three components to the project. The first component will: (i) improve performance of health facilities through a Result-Based Financing (RBF) mechanism, (ii) strengthen capacities of the ministry of health to facilitate and to monitor the implementation of this RBF mechanism, and (iii) support the recruitment of specialist doctors in the target districts. The second component will increase financial accessibility of health care services, by: (i) strengthening the existing process for identifying the poorest and for exempting them from health user fees, (ii) strengthening health services in four of the target districts, and (iii) supporting the development of a universal health care insurance system. The third component will strengthen capacities of the ministry of health in planning, budgeting, management, and monitoring and evaluation.

Media Contacts
Francois Gouahinga
Tel : (202) 473-0696