State of Mato Grosso Do Sul with the guarantee of Brazil: Mato Grosso Do Sul Road Transport Project

May 4, 2010

IBRD Loan: US$300 million

Terms: Maturity = 25 years; Grace = 10 years

Project ID: P118410


Project Description: The Mato Grosso Do Sul Road Transport Project for Mato Grosso Do Sul, Brazil aims to improve the efficiency of the Borrower's road network in the project area. There are two components to the project, the first component being state road rehabilitation and surfacing. Project focuses its interventions in regions that possess economic potential and are located outside of any ecologically and socially fragile areas. Works to be financed under the project are located in the states northeast, center and southern regions, on road sections not located near protected areas or the Pantanal. Finally, the second component is the institutional strengthening.

Media Contacts
Gabriela Aguilar
Tel : (202) 473-6768