Egypt: Alexandria Coastal Zone Management Project

April 29, 2010

GEF Grant: US$7.15 million

Project ID: P095925



Project Description: The objective of the Alexandria Coastal Zone Management Project (under the investment fund for the Mediterranean Sea large marine ecosystem) for the Arab Republic of Egypt is to improve the institutional mechanisms for sustainable coastal zone management in Alexandria in particular to reduce land-based pollution to the Mediterranean Sea. The expected outcomes are: an increased capacity by the various relevant entities to manage the coastal zones in and around Alexandria in an integrated, participatory and sustainable manner, including planning, consensus building, and monitoring; a reduction in the land based sources of pollution entering the lake Mariout and subsequently the Mediterranean Sea through pilot pollution reduction measures; and the completion of a monitoring and evaluation system and the documentation of the project results for the purpose of up-scaling and replication.

Media Contacts
Hafed Al-Ghwell
Tel : (202) 473-8930