Democratic Republic of Congo: Emergency Social Action Project [ADDITIONAL FINANCING]

March 30, 2010

IDA Grant: US$35 million equivalent

Project ID: P118658

Project Description: The Emergency Social Action Project (PASU) for Democratic Republic of Congo aimed to provide critical and timely support to help mitigate the social and humanitarian impact of 30 years of civil war and mismanagement. This assistance was expected to facilitate the continued implementation of economic reform, political reunification, and durable peace. The additional financing in the amount of $USD 35 million will have the same development objective as the original project: to improve access of the poor to social and economic services and increase the availability and management of development resources at the community level. Under this objective, activities will be realigned to expand the scope of a well performing project, and respond to the impact of the financial crisis.

Media Contacts
Francois Gouahinga
Tel : (202) 473-0696