Lao PDR: Road Sector Project

March 25, 2010

IDA Grant: US$27.8 million equivalent
Project ID: P102398
Project Description: The objectives of the project are to improve road services on two main national corridors and the provincial road network, to rehabilitate roads damaged by Typhoon Ketsana, and to establish and operationalize a contingency fund for quick disaster response in the road sector. The project will finance physical works for the upgrading of two critical national road links, the periodic maintenance of the provincial road network, and road safety improvements. Also, the funding will provide technical assistance to both the ministry of public works and transport and the provincial departments of public works and transport in the areas of sector strategic management, local road management, country systems for environmental safeguard, fiduciary management, and internal controls. The funding will support the rehabilitation and periodic maintenance of roads damaged by Typhoon Ketsana in the five affected southern provinces (Attapeu, Sekong, Saravanh, Champasack, and Savannakhet), and support an emergency contingency fund that will disburse quickly for emergency civil works and construction materials needed to ensure the passability and safety of the affected national and provincial road links.

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