Bulgaria: Municipal Infrastructure Development Project

November 24, 2009

IBRD Loan: €81 million
Terms: Maturity = 19 years; Grace Period = 7 years
Project ID: P099895
Project Description: The Municipal Infrastructure Development Project for Bulgaria aims to: (a) improve the reliability and quality of water provision to the communities in selected settlements in the project area; and (b) assist municipalities to improve investment-planning capacity. There are three components to the project: (1) project implementation support to carry out activities under component three of the project and consultant services associated with project implementation; (2) preparation of 48 regional master plans for water supply and sewerage systems (ViK systems), including 40 master plans for urban settlements, within the six economic development regions; and (3) completion and rehabilitation of water supply dams will include completion of Luda Yana, Neikovtsi, and Plovdivtsi dams and rehabilitation of the Studena dam.

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