Mozambique: Sixth Poverty Reduction Support Credit

November 12, 2009

IDA Credit: US$110 million equivalent
TERMS: Maturity = 40 years; Grace = 10 years
Project ID: P117234
Project Description: The sixth Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC-6) for Mozambique is part of an annual series of World Bank operations that have provided finance for the Government of Mozambique’s budget since 2004.
PRSC-6 helps the Government of Mozambique to accelerate economic growth, notably by reducing structural constraints to financial intermediation, reducing excessive regulation constraining business activities, and promoting more efficient land use and better access to land. The budget support operation also focuses on consolidating and deepening institutional reforms in the area of the budget process and the use of public resources, the efficiency and effectiveness of public financial management, the transparency and efficiency of the public procurement system, and the coverage and efficiency of external audit.

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