Republic of the Congo: Support to Basic Education Project

June 9, 2009

IDA Grant: US$15 million equivalent

Project ID: P113508
Project Description: The Support to Basic Education Project for the Republic of Congo aims to improve efficiency, quality and equity in the provision of basic education in Congo. The results would contribute to the Government efforts to achieve universal quality primary education by 2015. In order to achieve the objective the proposed Additional Financing would pursue a four-fold agenda of action: support the Government of Congo to prepare and implement a sustainable, long-term EFA FTI education sector plan for all educational levels; build the capacity of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, in particular to improve planning, human resources and budget management, and strengthen the capacity of the Regional Departments of Education (DDEPSA) to provide support to the school system; provide support to increase equity in the provision of services, by providing free textbooks and focusing on infrastructure expansion efforts in underserved areas; and provide support to out of school youth and excluded populations, such as pygmies.


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