Egypt: National Railways Restructuring Project

March 17, 2009

IBRD Loan: US$270 Million
TERMS: Maturity = 30 years; Grace period = 5
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The National Railways Restructuring Project (ENRRP) for Egypt is to assist the Government in improving the reliability, efficiency and safety of the railways' services through signaling and track renewal investments by the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) and the modernization of its management and operating practices in order to enhance the railways' sector responsiveness to economic and social needs and to strengthen the financial viability of the Project Implementing Entity. There are three components to the project. The first component of the project is signaling modernization. This component will finance the modernization of signaling along the Arab el-Raml to Alexandria line and a computerized central traffic control system (CTC) for that section and Cairo - Banha, and the supervision of those investments. The second component of the project is track renewal. This component will finance priority track-renewal works for 200 km of track along the Cairo-Aswan line (149 km on four sections of track) and the Benha-Port said line, and supervision o f those works. The third and the final component of the project is modernization of management and operating practices.

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