Jordan: Additional Financing to the Amman Development Corridor Project

December 4, 2008

IBRD Loan: US$33 million
TERMS: Maturity = 20 years; Grace = 5 years
Project Description: The additional financing will help fund unanticipated cost overruns due to increases in the costs of key inputs (specifically, oil-based and energy intensive inputs, including fuel, asphalt and cement) that occurred between appraisal and contract signing, and due to technical modifications identified after the start of construction to improve overall access to and safety of the World Bank-financed section of the Amman ring road. The original project objective is to support more efficient transport and logistics services by removing key transport infrastructure bottlenecks and providing access to affordable land for productive investment and urban development uses in the Amman Metropolitan Area.

Media Contacts
Dina El Naggar
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